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For Companies

For Companies

The business model is based on the organization of the service company and it seeks to comprehensively address the needs of both business customers and employees.

We have an excellent losses settlement network

  • We ultimately achieve a lower losses cost with a high extrajudicial settlement percentage, ensuring full and more effective handling of your claims protecting your company and professional image.
  • Working directly with human presence with your company adjusters, training them and advising them on the final decisions and the determination of the compensations.
  • Monitoring the process and progress of the rehabilitation, the injury. We review the evidence and the documents produced and after or before the retrieval we prepare a detailed expert report.


  • Informal Amicable Settlement. We provide the option of handling your claims with companies outside of the amicable settlement (this service is also provided to companies within the amicable settlement).
  • With a single contract we settle your losses throughout Greece with a large network of partner repair shops, expert opinions and legal advice.

24/7 on-line services

  • You have access to your claim folders via Internet Database, in order to be constantly updated on the status of each claim.
  • We respond directly to your questions on the web.
  • The smart computer system of Total Care and the dense network of experienced engineering experts allow us to deliver direct reports and expert inspection on the day we receive the necessary information from the insured.

Minimize the business risk

  • Reduce the operating costs of your company.
  • Maximise the profit margins.
  • Gain a comparative market advantage over the competition.
  • Tranquillity in your business.
  • Protection of liquidity.
  • "Real time" updates.
  • Indirect Advertising.
  • Analyze large volumes of information in a single screen simply and quickly.