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Golden Protection

Golden Protection

The vehicle is a necessary tool in today's rapid growing period and its full coverage 24 hours 365 days a year with replacing of your vehicle ensures you with no hassle to the repatriation or unexpected expenses in a difficult time.


  • 24-hour Call Centre:
  • On-line Files with real-time monitoring options:
  • Online Accident Statement:
  • Claim Management:
  • Associated Repair Shops across Greece:
  • Supply of Spare Parts with price search via a large database Spare parts can be requested from our customers:
  • Settlement and Resolution of extrajudicial and serious damages (injuries, fatalities):
  • Providing a network of doctors, lawyers, expert opinions, expert researcher, analysts of serious accidents:
  • Damage or service: discounts on labour & spare parts:
  • Roadworthiness Test Centres (KTEO): Discounts at collaborating KTEO:
  • FREE PROVISIONS for our associated repair shops:
  • Written one year labour warranty following quality control after the completion of the repair work:
  • Pickup and delivery of the vehicle to the desired customer site:
  • Free transportation of the vehicle in one of the Associated Repair Shops, upon customer's request:
  • Informal Amicable Settlement: we provide the option of using companies to handle the claim process outside the amicable settlement (this service is also provided to companies within the amicable settlement):
  • Total Care Emergency:
  • Replacement vehicle with full insurance coverage:
  • Road - Travel Assistance:
  • Judicial support of your compensation:
  • Calculation of commercial value: