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We provide claims administration to the customers of Insurance companies offering a complete package of innovative services to meet the needs of today’s demanding times.

24-hour Call Centre

We offer a 24-hour Coordinative Centre, so you can contact us and your customers.

On-line Files with real-time monitoring options.

  • For continuous "real time" updates on the process of any claim. Obtaining access to a comprehensive web application of Total Care.
  • We respond directly to your questions.
  • Communication with all interested parties (Customers, Agents, Brokers, Insurance Consultants, Repair Shops, Road & Travel Assistance, Insurance Companies, Doctors, Lawyers, etc.).

Online Accident Statement

  • The damage statement can be done either by telephone or online via the company's website.
  • We provide the opportunity to obtain the statement on the spot at the partner shop and then sent it to the insurance company. After checking the validity of the facts and after we receive the approval of the insurance company we order online and in print the initiation of the damage retrieval work.

Claim Management

We work directly with human presence with the adjusters of the company, we advise them on their final decisions and the determination of the compensations. We monitor the process and the progress of the damage retrieval, we control the filed documents & data and after or even before the restoration, we prepare a detailed expert report, which either relates to insurance companies or private parties.

Associated Repair Shops across Greece


Supply of Spare Parts with price search via a large database

Spare parts can be requested from our customers.

Settlement and Resolution of extrajudicial and serious damages (injuries, fatalities)

  • Research on damage or accident circumstances.
  • Identification of the causes of damage or accident.
  • Creation of a representation study for the damage or accident.
  • Evaluation of insurance value
  • Negotiations and management of the entire process of payments to policyholders and/or beneficiaries after relevant approval by our principals.
  • Determination of implementation of the insurance policy terms.
  • Determination of Compliance to legislation.
  • Arbitration or Judicial Involvement .

Providing a network of doctors, lawyers, expert opinions, expert researcher, analysts of serious accidents


Damage or service: discounts on labour & spare parts

  • DISCOUNTS: Labour & vehicle expendables (oil, filters, tires, accessories, etc.).
  • Periodic offers throughout Greece for your customers.
  • DISCOUNTS at Gas Stations.

Roadworthiness Test Centres (KTEO): Discounts at collaborating KTEO

Discounts beginning from 15% to 50%.

FREE PROVISIONS for our associated repair shops

  • KTEO check
  • Air-conditioning check
  • Multipoint travel check
  • Technical 10 point check
  • Upon receipt of the customer's vehicle from the affiliated repair shop an optical technical check is delivered which is completely free and without any extra charge.
  • Repair warranty in writing.
  • For all repairs and spare parts there is a warranty granted for at least one year.

Written one year labour warranty following quality control after the completion of the repair work

10 points Technical check. After receiving the customer's vehicle from the affiliated repair shop, a documentary optical technical check is delivered, which is carried out completely free and without any extra charge. Written guaranty repair. For all repairs and spare parts guarantee is granted for at least one year.

Pickup and delivery of the vehicle to the desired customer site


Free transportation of the vehicle in one of the Associated Repair Shops, upon customer's request

Free transportation of the vehicle with our own cranes. This service works if the client uses the transportation of the vehicle through the accident care for the specific accident and also when the vehicle is moved for repair in an affiliated repair shop within the county and a maximum of 30 km from the shop which was chosen.

Informal Amicable Settlement: we provide the option of using companies to handle the claim process outside the amicable settlement (this service is also provided to companies within the amicable settlement)

Directly payment of loss. Since we receive an acceptance of responsibility by the insurance company which owns the liability of the claim, either is included in the amicable settlement or not, we then proceed through the affiliated repair units in direct payment of the cost of all the damage with no expense for the customer.

Total Care Emergency

For our customers we provide roadside assistance wherever they are where they are not covered by their insurance policy.

Replacement vehicle with full insurance coverage


Road - Travel Assistance

The only benefit that covers the adjacent prefecture so you will save the trouble.

Judicial support of your compensation

  • We support each case we undertake with an expert's report.
  • We support our views in the Court until the issue in question becomes final.
  • We work with your legal advisor.
  • We study deposits - statements of witnesses and all parties involved.
  • We cooperate with the competent authorities.

Calculation of commercial value